Use of the municipal swimming pool

It is with pleasure that we can inform all exhibitors and congress visitors that the Municipality of Gramat has granted us the use of the municipal swimming pool for the duration of the congress.

With the swimming pool at your disposal, you can go and try and test any diving equipment there.

Some limitations have been imposed, though

Membership and insurance :

– Either you need to be a registered member of a French or foreign diving federation (FFESSM, FFS or other, like CMAS affiliated federations),

– Or you are a member of a certifying agency (TDI, GUE or other).

You will be asked to show your certification upon entering the swimming pool, so don’t forget to bring it!


You will not be allowed in the swimming pool if :

– you are under 16 without an accompanying adult

– you cannot swim

– you are using equipment deemed dangerous by the responsible of the swimming pool

– you are using equipment that might degrade the quality of the water in the pool.


We are granted use of the swimming pool “as is”:

– the water will be filtered and treated

– the water level will be held at 2.5 meters of depth

– the water will be at ambient temperature


With kind regards,


Joel Enndewell,

President, LICDC