Why to become exhibitor ?

Fédération Française de Spéléologie

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of September 2017, the international cave diving congress will take place in the town of Gramat in the Lot.

Why Lot and Gramat?

The Lot is the world’s third cave diving destination in the world behind Mexico and Florida, so the first in Europe. An estimated 15,000 dives are carried out each year. The city of Gramat has more than 70 diving sites within a radius of 50 kilometers.

You understand better why the Lot has been chosen to host this specialized event around cave diving and potholing.

Why to become exhibitor ?

Our president thinks:

‘’Different approach and culture are coming from many federal or associative or professional organizations. No matter, each one has its place in this congress.’’

Bernard SoulasPrésident
  • International showcase

    First European destination, third worldwide destination for cave diving, more than 15000 dives are done every year in Lot region.

    Gramat city hosted our congress which gathered divers, congressmen and exhibitors from more than eight countries while its 2015 edition. More than 1500 visitors have seen our exhibitions and conferences.

    It is the great meeting of every cave divers from France, Europe and everywhere else.

  • Dedicated event

    Lot International Cave Diving Congress is the only event exclusively dedicated to cave diving in Europe. Come and make acquaintances and make known to the organism, organisms and schools of diving, cave diving and speleology …

  • Notoriety and development

    To exhibit at the Lot International Cave Diving Congress is to show its equipments, its expertise and passion, surrounded by more than 70 cave diving sites within a radius of 50 kilometers.

    • From the smallest backup light to the highly sophisticated rebreathers,
    • From the ideal wet suit for dry sump to the highest performing dry suits,
    • From the first price disposable camera to the last video carbon case,
    • From the first fins to the last DPV,
    • Everyone will see the best equipments used by each other and also by the best extreme cave divers.

    Everyone will get to know or publicize different actors, associations or schools of diving, cave diving and potholing… or the reverse…

    Ladies and gentlemen, come, exhibit and offer test runs of your products.

  • Underground cave public, but also…

    LICDC welcomes expert Divers telling their adventures, their preferences and dreams and then transmitting every desires to rubberneckers, novices or recreational and tek divers.

    • Come to explain, show or teach your expertise,
    • Solo dive or twin dive, back mount or side mount,
    • White or colored line, arrows and cookies or elastic bands, reels or spools…

    Everyone will listen to you to select its prefenrence.

    Then, join the congress.

Some photos of exhibitors in 2015