Conferences specifications

Ladies and Gentlemen, Guest speakers,

You are preparing your speech in view of our next congress. In the aim to make you understood by wide audience, we are preparing technical means for translation and interpretation that will run like bellow.

It might be a little more labour for you.

Specifications needed from speakers:

LICDC will approve speeches at least one month before the congress beginning , the 14 August 2017.

  • Maximum length of each speech : 45 minutes, including15 minutes of debate.
  • Two possible languages : french, english.
  • Make your slideshows in these two languages. We will simultaneously display it.
  • Send us your soundtracks in French and in English we will make it available via intranet streaming.
  • You can subtitle your movies and send us their soundtracks in French and in English in MP3 or MP4.

Congressional representatives will connect their mobile devices on the dedicated Wi-Fi network. Each soundtrack will stay available during the relevant conference. We will indicate access files ID ten minutes before each speech beginning. Earbuds or headphones will be available.

Interpreter will simultaneously translate the lively debate part.

You can entrust us another language soundtrack in MP3 or 4, we will make it available via intranet streaming, but your slideshows will stay displayed in French and English.

Send your files and ask your questions at