2017 Congress Photo competition, contest rules

The Lot International cave Diving Congress organization committee, manage two photo-competition that titles are:

  • “ The Lot underground drowned network ” hereafter called concours 1
  • “ The cave diver at work “ hereafter called concours 2

1. Competition objects

Concours 1 : The Lot underground drowned network:

Pictures in immersion in underground-drowned gallery, showing characteristics:

  • Geographical,
  • Géological,
  • Hydrological,
  • Topographic,
  • Historical,
  • Cultural,
  • Picturesque,
  • Environmental,
  • Biological,
  • And, why not, funny…

Each picture will display a 200 words maximum caption to indicate the name of the cave, of its location, of the photographer and his equipment, and to describe, in cultural aims, the characteristics shown.

Every pictures will be sent on www.facebook.com/LICDC2017 page, to raise ‘’like’’.

The 20 pictures which will collect the highest number of ‘’like’’ between 15 April and 15 June 2017 will be selected to be display as a cultural exhibit in a lot of Gramat local shops, between 1 July and 30 September

Concours 2 : The cave diver in full action

Pictures in immersion showing a cave diver doing a task, inn direct relation to cave diving activity.

  • Installation, repair, or replacement of guide line or other equipment,
  • Survey works,
  • Drop or pick up bail out or escape tanks,
  • Cross narrow passages,
  • Photographer in full action…

Each picture will display a 200 words maximum caption to indicate the name of the cave, of its location, of the photographer and his equipment, and of the diver pictured, and which will describe the task done by the diver.

Every pictures will be taken exclusively between nine and 15 September 2017, metadat EXIF of each picture will attest it.

Every pictures for concours 2 are to send to concours.expo.photo@licdc.org

2. Requirements of the competition.

Present a picture on www.facebook.com/LICDC2017 or send it to concours.expo.photo@licdc.org commit who, present it to respect strictly the following rules and to register for the competition.

Everyone can register for the competition except the jury members.

Any picture admitted to the competition, will exclusively show caves of French Lot region.

Any picture admitted to the competition, must obligatory respect the rules of these contest rules.

Each competitor can submit one or two pictures for each of the two competitions.

For technical reasons, each e-mail at concours.expo.photo@licdc.org must send only one picture.

Each picture file must be identified like bellow:

First name, NAME of the competitor, concours1 or concours2, date, location where the picture has been taken, Prénom, nom du participant, concours1 ou concours2, date et lieu de la photo en respectant la syntaxe suivante : prénom-NOM-

Each competitor always be responsible of the technical quality of any picture he send.

Each competitor makes commitment to send pictures that not includes:

  • Messages that might threaten behaviour, public order, human dignity, children and teenagers safety, or environmental compliance.
  • Verbal abuse, incitement to racial hatred, or to commit crimes and offences,
  • Advertising messages or images.

Each competitor makes commitment to submit only pictures in full compliance of any copyright rules.

Each competitor declares to own any rights regarding any pictures he submit, in order to ensure LICDC against any recourse from anyone.

Any file received that does not comply with the previous rules will be excluded from further selection.

3. Jury and winning picture selection :

The jury will be made up of LICDC’s active members, excluding any competitor.

LICDC’s active members who want to compete should write at concours.expo.photo@licdc.org before the competition beginning, to be excluded from the jury.

Concours 1 :

The jury shall meet around 24 June 2017 to select the 20 pictures which will have collected the highest number of ‘’like’’.

The jury may vote to select eventual equally placed pictures. In case of several equally placed pictures, the jury can select more than 20 pictures.

Selected pictures will be numbered and exhibited in many Gramat local shops. Ballots paper equally numbered will be available near a ballot box to vote in. Only one vote by person and competition. At the end of the Congress, the jury will count the ballots to identify three winning pictures.

Concours 2 :

The jury will vote to select the winning pictures and will announce the winners in the morning of the 17 September 2017.

4. Advertisement

Any competitor allows LICDC to use his pictures only for non-profit promotion actions. In this case, LICDC makes commitment to indicate the name of the author.

LICDC never will pay for any copyright.

LICDC reserves the rights to change, to delay, to cancel or repeat the competition if required by circumstances, without any undertaking of liability.