• 6th international cave diving congress

    15,16 and 17 September 2017

    qui sommes-nous
  • LICDC in Chinia

    Picture : Nadeige Lenczner
    Subject : from left to right (Bernard Soulas, Yves Roy, Thi Nguyen, Happy, Michel Biesman, Jean-François Husson).

    qui sommes-nous

Who are we ?

A little story

The LICDC, or International Cave Diving Congress, is a nonprofit organization.

It was created in 2005 by Joël Enndewel and Jean-Luc Armengaud. Which was supposed to be a buddy cave divers meeting soon became the international gathering to the growing success.

After several editions in Bourg Saint Andéol and in Saint-Nazaire en Royans, in 2015 the Congress settles in Gramat in the Lot. The European capital of cave diving will renew this success in 2017.

The current team

Bernard Soulas

Bernard Soulas


56 years old, trimix divers, nearly 560 caves dives of which a good number in Chinese cavities ; All this learned from all those that the congress brings together and whom I thank in passing.

Rough mission to raise Joël Enndewell to the presidency of the Congress, but our passion talks and grows of this kind of events; It is necessary to perpetuate it, I give the axes and coordinates the team.

Jean-Michel Vallon

Jean-Michel Vallon

Vice President

Jean-Michel Vallon,
57, diving speleologist at the FFS.
First experience speleologist in 1970.
First underwater experience in 1976.
Part of the SSF caving.

Nadeige Lenczner

Nadeige Lenczner

Secretary and Webmaster

Nadeige? "It‘s not a girl, it’s a buddy," said our president.

31 years old, sea diver since the age of 7 years, underwater photographer for 13 years. Attracted by the Earth and the earth, I recently came to cave diving.

Secretary and also webmaster, I keep the files up to date, I create and make live the pages and articles of our new site, I plan meetings, I sort, I transmit ... I play the role of women, the feet.

Jean-François Husson

Jean-François Husson


62 years old, sea diver since the 70s, I met cave diving in 2011 thanks to a friend who transmitted the virus and I have no intention of curing !!

A great financier of the LICDC, with the whole team, I try to ensure that this next congress is at least as good as those organized by our illustrious predecessors.

André Grimal

André Grimal


An unavoidable character of Gramat and Lot, André is the relational link of the Congress with all the Lotois and more.

Founder of Les Vasques Du Quercy and of the inflating station of the same name, diver since long before all that, it proposes its ideas, gives tracks ...

They also help us:

Thierry Canac, Thi Nguyen Trung, Marielle Leplomb, Michel Biesmans, Pascal Briand, David Berguin, Alexandre Legrix, Alexandre Fox , …

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