The conferences

The conferences of the Lot International Cave Diving Congress : Friday to Sunday

Meet cave divers, be present at their conferences, and visit exhibitions, discover new equipments, be a part and try to win the photo competition, see movies… And too, debates, festivals evenings, hustle and bustle…

Conférences - salle de l'horloge
  • Environment

    • Underground, in drowned or dry galleries, we can see and feel our behaviours…
    • On earth, by the galleries entries, by the spring lakes, nature undergoes us…
    • And elsewhere? What is done ? what to share with every worldwide cavedivers friends?
  • Medecine and health in cave diving

    • Injury, DCS, hypothermia, tiredness beyond sump ; how to prevent it, treat it?
  • Rescue

    • Who and when to call rescue services? What to do to prepare and help the rescue squad intervention ?
  • Technique approach

    •  Further, deepest, longer, exploration needs and allows development of diving technicologies
    • Twin, even triple rebreather, assitance divers, preparation and planning…
  • Image

    • Cave diving Safety and technique progress,  as the ones of photo and film.
    • How cave divers bring back their huge images ?
  • History

    •  From the beginning of cave diving to present days, remarkable events and figure.
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