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The President’s word

Nature recycles everything. Yes, everything.
It requires time. A year, a century, one or five thousand years to transform garbage dumped  in a second.
We recycle our waste as well, but only if they’re collected and deposited in the designated spots.
Divers, ramblers, fishermen, hikers, all suspect each other of dumping lime, penis sheaths, plastic wraps or even of defecating.
These suspicions only incite us to act as we think the others do.
The same mutual encouragement could simply entail adding to one’s equipment a small waste collection kit not just for one’s own garbage, but for that left behind or accidentally carried away by wind, foxes or weasels.
Parking where one’s car won’t be in the way after unloading one’s equipment still remains a problem. Here again, it only takes one person doing the right thing to get others to follow suit.
In the end, it only disturbs residents, tourists, rescue teams, and all those who don’t dare to do the same.
We can all encourage each other to act with courtesy and common sense in adopting the most respectful attitude.

And it is such a pleasure to carve one’s name or initials on the rock during a deco stop. It keeps one busy. But the stop still lasts sixty seconds per minute, and this engraving only makes sense for its author.

Erosion will take decades or more to erase, and future generations will never know about it.
What can be done to avoid it? Talk about it, educate ourselves, discuss the pointlessness of such deteriorations during dive trainings and preparations? The best solutions will be those that will be applied.
Much can be said about disturbance and damage caused by our activity, like any other one.
Cave diving is evolving and becoming accessible to a wider public. The underground environment, immersed or not, remains one of our planet’s last areas of freedom and it rests on us to keep it that way as long as possible.

Our Congress will be a unique occasion to have an exchange on this broad topic, to be inspired by what is already being done elsewhere, and to inspire people coming from elsewhere. Ideas exist, as do means for applying them. Residents and their authorities, like many of us, are ready to support, help, promote good practices.
Friday evening’s gourmet market, Saturday evening’s gala dinner, contacts with exhibitors and speakers and round tables will stimulate these exchanges.

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Bernard Soulas

Exhibitors at the 2017 Congress

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